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Welcome Seeds of Change Collection!

Hello Friends!

We couldn't be more excited to announce this new collection. Why yes we still love our wood and gemstones, but we've also found love for teeny tiny seed beads too! You will still find gemstones in this collection also!

I cannot express to you the relaxation I feel while stringing these beads one at a time! Its like my own version of ASMR! :) Each seed is added with you in mind. I put forth such love and intention into all of the bracelets created. It's like magic!

Right now our new collection consists of bracelets, rings and anklets. Earring will be coming soon! As always feel free to reach out to me with custom orders, special sizes and ideas! We are here for you!

So many new things are on the way for Spirited Spoon. We will be opening a store in the spring, Needful Things Marketplace, and still going to all the local craft shows! New wood creations are coming from my wonderful husband. And we are still waiting on the arrival of our Olive Wood beads from Jerusalem! Along with others wooden beads from around the world!

Enjoy this new collection! Because we are enjoying creating these pieces for you!

Blessings - Jennifer

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